Enchanted Earth Adventures:The Vïpawatu by Liso Zenani

Chapter 1:

The Bird and the Shadow

It was an evening like many another, and Billy Benson — despite his trembling lip — had resolved not to cry. With enormous effort, he had managed to ignore the ache in his knees, arms and back quite successfully. It was the smell he couldn’t get over. A wave of nausea washed over him as he flushed yet another cigarette stub floating in aged urine and something more sinister. …

I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to make this as profound and relatable as possible but found myself feeling like nothing in what I’ve written was making sense. Reason being that I was probably lying in each thought or paragraph, to a point where I couldn’t relate to it myself. Speaking freely and openly about how my mental health has been a bittersweet symphony of both complex and simple melodies that sound harsh to the next person, but absolutely harmonious to me, has never really been a problem. …

Stogie T and Nasty C tag team to one-up keyboard warrior and twitter troll in Stogie T’s newly premiered music video for smash hit ‘DUNNO’.

Mr-Never-Miss-A-Season who concluded season 1 of his critically acclaimed #FreestyleFriday (#MakingSARapAgain x #ApplyPressure) platform at the end of June last year, shifted swifly back to the business of making music as he dropped the infectious and catchy, Dunno featuring the coolest-kid-in-Africa, Nasty C, and yesterday the music video premiered on YouTube.


Poet/MC Stogie T has been in red hot form of late, an unstoppable force since…

Photo by Bernard Hermant on Unsplash

Sounds of honesty, unsung by the flute.
I cannot break the spotless window that people choose to see me through.
Unspoken truths trapped in the tongues of the mute.

I am a liar, I am morally deficient, bankrupt, and corrupt; I am a dirty cheat.
For my lady does not deserve any of this.
For our love and beautiful things, I ought to gift my one with eternal and continuous bliss.
Instead, I am my Father’s son, an uncommitted somebody, a damn deadbeat.

Photo by Kiley Lawson on Unsplash

before i met You
i was happy, content and whole.
that very day i was on my way,
to the launch of the anthology
with three of my poems in it,
and your sister’s works too.
now i have three books worth
of poetry about You, my muse.

before i met You
my life was pre-determined
on an everlasting date with destiny,
the stars were aligned,
my moon and sun shared
the same vault.
fate formed, finally confirming what my faith
had long since believed.
And too, what prayers had hoped for.

It Still Rains in The Desert

Photo by Chris Gallagher on Unsplash

There is always space for one more but even the taxi is full,

All 16 + 3 aboard, swimming across the highway.

Mother Nature’s water has broken, the backseat tears from boy-child’s bulging bladder

Cleanse the elements of its evils. The unremitting rain

in bucket-loads of rivers. Driver atop of a wet roof,

showers baptise Nkosi’s head as the clouds’ tap leaks.

Submerged suddenly, the up-stream and down-stream foam

flowing in the streets. A parked car is washed away,

the owner from outside is drenched to the skin.

Fatherly desert, wetlands dry under the…

Your body is a temple, and you have just let Lucifer in.

She was here in my gardens.

Now only her skin with scales that she shed remains.

Her spineless manoeuvres that betrayed

our backbone movements. From the body of us down,

now a still people we are.

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

| a poem by nublaccsoul from Chickens Laying Eggs on The Roof (2019)

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| a poem by nublaccsoul x new-black-soul

Intruders forced through.

Strange grasses grew,

inside the hut, my heart the mud

by the fireplace at gran’s feet,

where Kei River made ash of chicken feet.

Artwork designed by Sihle G.

And so, they did away,

with the heads of men,

that their guns snuffed

and these bibles unroofed

grass-tops toppled off.

| a poem by nublaccsoul x new-black-soul

And my father’s younger brother,

UTat’omncinci uSmiso

stood tall, with his bean bowed

feet floating like faulty heaven.

If I continued with that B.Com degree

I would have been him. A host for his ghost.

But, unlike you all, I drove myself here, to this hell.

The imaginary walls close-in,

a real claustrophobia creeps out from within,

I find myself in limbo, above the dead but below the living.

Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash

No! Ma’ can’t be blamed for dropping me off.

This is free-will, formulated by fate.

Each feeding into the other in an endless loop.

And so it was written

After much fuss over where my mom’s garden would need decomposed material the most at the end of the rainy season, we finally buried Elvin. The ceremony was short, I said a few words and so did my mom who had organized the special burial and spoke more of the sacrifice her flowers took than Elvin’s inspiring life. Elvin wasn’t just a hamster; he was an extension of me just like my mom with her flowers. I must say, I found her case rather illogical; flowers die almost every day making it impossible to keep…


Writer/Poet | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. Always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case.

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