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before i met You
i was happy, content and whole.
that very day i was on my way,
to the launch of the anthology
with three of my poems in it,
and your sister’s works too.
now i have three books worth
of poetry about You, my muse.

before i met You
my life was pre-determined
on an everlasting date with destiny,
the stars were aligned,
my moon and sun shared
the same vault.
fate formed, finally confirming what my faith
had long since believed.
And too, what prayers had hoped for.

before i met You
sleep was not a mere rumour,
a tall story, thirty stories up
hanging in the air like castles
in children’s fantasies, fables.
peace was still sole with my soul.
nowadays, restlessness wrestles
with my slumber, every damn night.
rumble in the single-sized-bed jungle.
no, no snuggle.

not one for the solo cuddle.
before i met You
i had never felt this feeling of having
found a familiar form
in a strange, yet, inviting face.
always one for reciprocated love,
i don’t give when i’m not given,
oddly that’s even now.

before i met You –
forget being nostalgic,
we are in the here and now.
when i met You,
i should have asked for a dance,
even with my two-left-feet,
if not that, then, for a picture
at the very cowardly least,
to make the evening last days longer
than midnight’s dreaming-ending-drama.

| a poem by nublaccsoul from Chickens Laying Eggs on The Roof (2019)

Writer/Poet | This is ancestral, past-life reading; this is meditation & prayer; this is future telling. Always becoming. The undying soul in a decaying case.

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