HELD — by nublaccsoul

5 min readNov 12, 2022
  1. held
    held a gun to head
    held a light to one
    held a light to you
    held a pistol to my head
    held a pistol to someone’s head
    held a weak hand
    held against him
    held against us
    held an eel by the tail
    Held at the Open
    held breath
    Held by Production
    held close to his vest
    held close to somebody vest
    held court
    held eel by tail
    Held for Court
    held good
    held hard
    held her at bay
    held her end up
    held her in good stead
    held her own
    held her thumbs
    held her together
    held herself aloof
    held herself together
    held him by
    held him in high esteem
    held him to account
    held him up to
    held in derision
    Held Kashmir
    held on
    held own
    held the field
    held the stage
    held tongue
    held whisht

    Held (song)
    held a light to
    held a light to somebody
    held a lot of promise
    held a pistol to one’s head
    held a pistol to their head
    held a wolf by the ear
    held against it
    held against you
    held at arm’s length
    Held at the opening
    Held bundle
    held by something
    held close to my vest
    held close to someone’s vest
    held dear
    held end up
    Held for Investment
    held ground
    held harmless
    held her back
    held her feet to the fire
    held her in high esteem
    held her peace
    held her tight
    held her tongue
    held herself aloof from it
    held him aloft
    held him cheap
    held him in high regard
    held him to his word
    held himself aloof
    held in fee
    held no brief for
    held out
    held peace
    held the fort
    held thumbs
    held true

    held a brief for
    held a light to her
    held a light to someone
    held a meeting
    held a pistol to our head
    held a pistol to their heads
    held a wolf by the ears
    held against me
    held all the aces
    held at bay
    Held Back
    held by
    Held by the Code
    held close to one’s vest
    held close to the vest
    Held decussation
    held fast
    Held for Ransom
    Held group
    held head high
    held her by
    held her ground
    held her in high regard
    held her steady
    held her to account
    held her up
    held herself aloof from someone
    held him at arm’s length
    held him down
    held him steady
    held him to ransom
    held himself aloof from it
    held in severalty
    held no terrors for
    held out for
    held serve
    held the line
    held to bail
    held up

    held a candle to the devil
    held a light to him
    held a light to them
    held a pistol to her head
    held a pistol to our heads
    held a pistol to your head
    held against
    held against one
    held all the cards
    Held at Open
    held back for a rainy day
    Held by Civil Authorities
    held cheap
    held close to our vest
    held close to their vest
    held down
    held feet to the fire
    Held for Sale
    held hand
    held her aloft
    held her cheap
    held her hand
    held her nerve
    held her still
    held her to her word
    held her up to
    held herself aloof from something
    held him at bay
    held him in…

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