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3 min readDec 6, 2022

A list of the top 10 biggest vodka brands in the South African market.

Photo by Andrey Ilkevich on Unsplash

Vodka is one of the biggest alcohol spirit categories, the third biggest, after Whisky (#1) and of course Gin (#2) which is experiencing its renaissance boom, namely the ‘Ginaissance’. Vodka in South Africa is approximately valued at ZAR5,3 Billion per 12 month period, which equates to no less than 31 Million Litres of the distilled white spirit year-on-year.

The top 10 brands by volume (Litres) are the following:

  1. Smirnoff (70%)

The Diageo PLC owned brand is one of the biggest across any category, within over 60% market share of vodka, with great consumer awareness.

2. Russian Bear (8%)

Edward Snell owned and South African produced, Russian Bear, is a triple distilled vodka with great popularity among consumers who are new drinkers to the category and are experimenting with its mixability.

3. Count Pushkin Premium Imperial Vodka (4%)

Named after the great Russian poet and writer, Sir Aleksandr Pushkin, the Distell Ltd owned vodka, is one of the chepeast vodka brands in the market and is said to be made from the finest ingredients and is 5 times distilled.

4. Smirnoff Infusions (3%)

Newly launched brand from the House of Smirnoff, is the wonderful mash-up of flavours, across the three variants in their range: Watermelon & Mint, Pineapple, Cranberry & Lime, and Raspberry, Passion Fruit & Lemon Infused

5. Red Square (3%)

Halewood owned brand, Red Square Vodka, is a triple distilled premium carbon filtered vodka. It is presented in a bespoke embossed bottle and targets the bespoke vodka drinker who seeks both quality and value.




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